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Diamond Studs

by Liza Hartung

No, diamond studs are not men who work out regularly and look great in tight black shirts. They are, in fact, the essentials of diamond jewelry. A stud is the essence of simple, elegant, clean beauty. A stud earring does not hang, but merely looks attached to the lobe. Studs add stunning elegance to an all-black outfit. Alternatively, they bring an air of simplicity to an otherwise loud ensemble.

See Clearly with Diamond Studs
One of the Four Cs of diamond buying is clarity. This concerns the flaws in a diamond. When discussing clarity of diamond studs, we must talk of inclusions (flaws inside the diamond), and blemishes (flaws outside the diamond). It is almost impossible for a diamond not to have any flaws because of the intense mining and cutting process that must go on. The clarity has to do with the number of flaws, the size of them and the ability to see them with or without a microscope.

I liken clarity to going to the movies. When we sit down, we tend to choose a seat that has the least number of people in front of us. We try not to sit behind tall people. If people are blocking our way, we tend to move or become agitated. Generally, there will be people in the theater with us. It is very rare that we get the whole place to ourselves. Therefore, we pick the best seat possible considering the "flaws."

This is the same with diamonds. You just have to choose which flaws you can live with and which you can't. When purchasing diamond studs on a budget, you should at least buy SI1 or SI2. The SI stands for slightly included. With this rating, your diamond will have flaws that must be magnified 10 times to see. One step up is VSI1 and VSI2, which is very slightly included. It's affordable brilliance.

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